Renewable Energi-BIOMAS

Biomass is energy produced from organic substances. The key to the power of biomass lies in the energy of the sun. All plants undergo a process called photosynthesis, whereby the plants use clorophyll to convert the energy in the sun's rays into stored energy in the plants. Photosynthesis, water, and nutrients in the soil are the ingredients of plant growth.

Biomass is an organic matter.

The combustible matter in biomass is:

Name of element                              Share [ % ]

Cellulose                                             35 - 60

Hemi cellulose                                     10 - 20

Lignin                                                  20 - 35

Classification of Biomass

Main Group.                                Subgroup name


I ( Wood )                                Peat/tanah gemuk

Kayu                                        Bark/kulit


II ( Stalk & shell )                     Cereal crop/kacang

Tangkai/kulit                            Stalks, harvested./ processed

                                               Shells, capsules

III ( Deviating Biomass )           Rice straw/husk, jerami

                                               Domestic refuse/sampah




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